Hard Coated Sheet

Plastic polycarbonate sheets offer high strength, low weight, and ideal optical properties, but plastic surfaces are prone to scratching and chemical damage. Armor Plastics’ hard coating is scratch and chemical resistant, improving functionality and durability of polycarbonate across many applications.

Armor Plastics’ AP-HC1 Sheet features our high-tech abrasion and chemical resistant coating on both sides to increase the useful lifetime of the polycarbonate sheet. We’ve refined our process and proven that our hard coating has the same or better abrasion resistance than more expensive thermal coating for flat applications. AP-HC1 sheets are used for flat applications such as safety barriers, transparent glazing in schools and other institutions to protect staff, machine guards, and multiple other applications. This product is recommended for indoor applications only.


  • Taber Abrasion (100 cycles CS-10F wheels 500 gm load)<2.0%
  • Transmission>85% (ASTM D1003)
  • Thickness 0.0787”–0.375”
  • Highly scratch and abrasion resistant surface
  • Glossy easy to clean surface
  • Double side coated for improved performance
  • Protective poly masking both sides


Available in sheets 48″x96″ and up to 60″x120″


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If you would like to learn more about our AP-CF1 hard coated sheets, please download our printable spec sheet.

Download the AP-HC1 Spec Sheet